Rocky Mountain National Park Love

Marya and Angie's love is one for the ages. Their raw joy was so evident in every glance passed between them. When I first arrived at the AirBnb, they were ready to celebrate. We started off with cabin kisses and patio family shots. Then, we bundled up in snow boots and scarves to trek into the national park. Every road curved into more snow drifts and wind bursts. I really wondered what Sprague Lake's condition was going to be, especially since elopements in past Springs have been brutally cold. This was January.

I pulled up to the parking lot and stuffed an extra set of wool socks on. All the layers came in handy. It was a beautiful hike to the dock through FEET of snow. My little boots were full to the brim with puffy white snow. We laughed and cherished the memorable moments this brought. Before we knew it, it was time to exchange vows. Marya, Angie, Atticus, and Maddie were tough cookies in the freezing cold temperatures as they focused on their love for each other.

I felt very lucky to be able to get different angles and lighting as the sun ebbed and flowed between the pockets of clouds. The snowflakes were the magical touch anyone would wish for. What a gloriously snowy, loving day.