let me tell you a snippet of mine.

Before you share your story,

My name is Kelly and I love living in Colorado! My sweetheart husband Zac and I even got married in the one and only Estes Park. We've been cheering each other on since middle school.

My family is a big part of who I am. Our motto is to make memories, so that's what I have set out to do. And I'm here to cherish yours and serve you.

Overall, my photography journey has been a lifelong creative process that allows me to see beauty all around me, including you!

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I’m down to earth and bubbly at the same time. I love random chats about life, traveling, and seeing art. When we meet, I can promise you two things - authenticity and joy.

I have been capturing memorable moments since I was a little girl. I know firsthand how priceless photos are, so I take my job seriously in every part of my presence - weddings, portraits, and more.

Fun facts for you.

My sisters are my ride or die.

We've been through a lot together; we're really good at lifting each other up and laughing.

Sushi has my heart.

I really wish Firestone, Colorado had luscious poke bowls to satiate my appetite. I bet I could eat more sashimi than you.

Sunsets inspire me.

The sun is my best friend and I love its entrance and exit on the horizon every day. Heartless romantic alert!

Holly is our Covid baby.

Born on Christmas day, Holly blesses our life with the most tail waggles you've ever seen.

My husband pretends to like my candles.

I love having a little flame burning. It roots me in my senses and consistency.

Zac and I have both lived overseas!

The first five years of my life was in Kobe, Japan, where I learned all about the power of peace and beauty. Later, I studied Shakespeare at Oxford University. Nerd alert!

family photography in Denver, Colorado


Kelly Photo & Design crafts connections between loved ones through the artistic storytelling of humanity.

newborn photography in Fort Collins, Colorado


Kelly Photo & Design crafts connections between loved ones through the artistic storytelling of humanity.

family photography in Boulder, Colorado


Kelly Photo & Design crafts connections between loved ones through the artistic storytelling of humanity.



Zac and I go on our first trip as a married couple! We decide to journey back to his beginning. I get to see where he grew up for many years and even learn more about his ancestors.



My sisters and mom go on our first trip without our dad to explore a new country and its charming qualities. We love bountiful flowers and history, not to mention cream tea and Indian food.



Back to our home base, Zac and I connect with family. We love the expanse of fields and colorful skies. Plus, it's always a treat to see people who mean a lot to us. I'm often looking for an excuse to go back.



Off to the cacti! Pool time and golf time for Zac leaves us happy campers. I get to read my book, talk smack with my brother-in-law, and attempt to help my mother-in-law in the kitchen.


destination wedding photography
let's hop on a plane.

Adventure around the world.

I feel so lucky to be able to experience new places. Zac and I prioritize culture and art because of what it adds to our life. Since my family lived in Japan and Zac's in Ireland, our hearts yearn for the world's corners.

travel photos

Crested Butte

Zac and I hit the slopes of this amazing mountain. It would be an honor to capture a snowy wonderland in Colorado's majestic landscape. Or maybe a flowery summer session would do the trick.



Time to explore the forests and foggy coast of the Pacific Northwest. It's a dream of mine to experience the rainy aura of this place. Meet me there for a one-of-a-kind session.


Costa Rica

My goal is to go paragliding in this paradise. Or how about sailing? Maybe ziplining? Who knows what adventure awaits, but you could join me in capturing beautiful memories.



This is a special trip to my family since we lived there when we were young. So, my mom is kindly touring us around to see the timeless temples and peaceful society.


"Art is the resolution of chaos."

- Steve Stanton



Weddings + Portraits

wedding inspiration and flowers


Weddings + Portraits

Photos have always been way more than social media to me. They are tangible memories and priceless art. I want your home to represent your love. I want your eyes to see how special you are.


Branding + Art

headshot photography in Boulder, Colorado


Branding + Art

Piecing together the perfect stationary that catches attention, provides information, and sparks creativity is the best puzzle to me. I love seeing ideas come to life.


Blog + Books

family photography in Denver, Colorado


Blog + Books

Writing is a big part of who I am and it has taken a lot of courage to link it to my business since it's a vulnerable process. This is what life is all about!


Decor + Swag

custom stationary


Decor + Swag

I want to dream big. Every image and item comes from emotion and storytelling.


Humanity + Community

wall decoration


Humanity + Community

I care about the world and I care about change. I have always wanted my work to be rooted in these.


"Kelly is AMAZING! She is unbelievably talented! My husband dislikes family photos with a passion and Kelly was able to make it so comfortable and care free! She is affordable, punctual, and super flexible! We will be scheduling photos with her for all our important events!"

Walter Family

family photography in Fort Collins, Colorado
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