Tears are Okay

When I first arrived at the session with Martha, I noticed that she was getting tears in her eyes and she tried to wipe them away and apologize which I gently squashed because being human is the most beautiful thing we can do. I’m still not sure what emotion was speaking to her at that time, but it did make the session that much more real. And that’s what photos are all about. We had the most wonderful time capturing these memories with her parents.

For the Parents

Her cap reads, “Para mis padres oil llegaron sin nada y me lo dieron todo gracias y papa,” translating to: For my parents, they came with nothing and gave me everything, thank you mom and dad.” These words go straight to my heart because this is my why. I want to celebrate family, love, and dreams.

Beyond the Stage

While the iconic stage shot is important, truly exceptional graduation photography goes beyond that single moment. My approach is to capture your story and that starts before being handed that diploma. All those late-night study sessions, early morning classes, and epic Chautauqua adventures have culminated to this momentous occasion. This is a big deal! As you prepare to toss those caps and embark on the next chapter, let's celebrate your incredible achievement in the spirit-filled journey you deserve.

The Experience

Every graduate deserves photography that reflects their individual personality. Whether you're a bubbly extrovert or a quiet go-getter, I'll make you shine. Here's a glimpse into what your graduation photography experience could look like:

  • Locations: The iconic Flatirons backdrop is jaw-dropping, but we can also explore other beautiful locations on campus, like the Norlin Library or the UMC fountain.

  • Formal vs. Fun: Some grads prefer a more formal approach, while others crave a more candid and relaxed feel. Tell me your vision, and I'll make it happen.

  • Group Shots: Capture the joy of sharing this milestone with your closest friends and family. Memories are to be shared!

Photography Packages

To meet lots of different needs (and fun ideas!), I offer a variety of collections. Each package includes high-resolution digital images, with the option for prints, albums, and other keepsakes. Many photographers like to surprise clients with extra costs, but my work is transparent, authentic, and custom. I don't specialize in packing my schedule full of sessions because each client deserves my time and attention. This is a big deal!

Let's Do This!

Let's create a lasting visual record of this blip in time! Don't settle for anything less than what feels like you. You have invested so much time, money, and effort into this degree and you're about to do amazing things. And that's what it's all about!

Last-minute reminders:

  • Plan Your Outfit: Choose neutral and solid attired that complements your personality and that one things you're wearing: a freaking robe! Woo! Oh, and unfortunately, you have to iron that thing.

  • Relax and Have Fun: Graduation is a joyous occasion. Don't stress! I got you.

  • Bring Props: Consider incorporating graduation-themed props like champagne, bio-degradable confetti, and all the stoles.

I look forward to celebrating your CU Boulder graduation with you!